A Guided Tour of Glamping at LOOKfest!…

Elin and guide dog Jazzy in the doorway of a 4m Bell tent with bunting on the outside and rugs on the floor

Mention camping and I always think soggy socks, the smell of bacon, a sweaty sleeping bag and a nightmare trying to find the tent in the first place. So I went to check out the glamping we are offering at LOOKFest! and thought it would be useful to describe in a bit more detail what it will actually be like.

The camping field will be organised in a grid system, so that tents are arranged in straight lines equidistant from each other. There will be guy ropes extending out from the bell tents, so this is something to be mindful of when you’re getting around the site. We will provide adequate lighting in the camping field that will enable you to find your tent easily but won’t disturb other campers at night. We will also mark your tent with your name in both large print and braille, and we’ll provide a tactile clue for each tent to make yours easily recognisable.

Unzipping the front door to your bell tent, you might feel bunting that is strung along the front guy rope brushing against your shoulder or find the small string of fairy lights draped over the doorway of the tent as your fingers search for the zip. The material of the tent itself feels durable but soft, not unlike strong cotton or linen. You need to remember to duck your head when entering the tent, but once inside you’re able to stand up comfortably. There are woven fabric rugs under your feet, and the space feels interestingly both spacious and cosy at the same time. Unlike regular plastic canvas tents, the breathable fabric of the bell-tents means that it’s easy to keep cool in the heat and to keep warm in the cold. You can open the ventilation windows to let in some fresh air during the day and snuggle in the warmth under plenty of blankets at night.

The tent is circular, with the central pole in the middle with beds lining the walls of the tent. With your back to the entrance, you can take approx. five steps straight across the tent to touch the back-canvas wall. To walk the full circle around the perimeter of the tent takes around ten steps until you’re back where you started.

On the ground the first thing you find is a very low wooden table placed just in front of the central tent pole. On this table is a small battery lamp that emits a dim glow when switched on. The table is movable and can easily be moved within the tent. Running your hands up along the tent pole, you find a mirror and fabric decorations hanging from the pole. Back on the ground you run your fingers along the woven rugs until you find one of the squishy memory foam matrasses. Each matrass is encased with a cotton cover that also features tactile woven patterns. On top of the mattress you find several soft cushions. Lying on the bed, you feel your body sinking into the mattress.

Elin and Jazzy reclining on one of 4 comfy mattresses in view, inside a bell tent.
Elin looking super zen and smiley, sitting cross legged with her hands palm to palm. Colourful rugs are all over the floor, patterned, embroidered cushions are scattered around, and the side of the tent have been rolled up all the way around so that the canvas is suspended above the floor. This option allows lots of air to circulate and keep you cool on a hot day or night.
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