Daniel Kish is coming to LOOKFest

We are delighted to announced that Perceptual Navigation Specialist and president of World Access for the Blind, Daniel Kish, will be coming to LOOKFest!

Picture of Daniel Kish, Hiking.

Daniel Kish has been blind since he was 13 months old and he has taught himself to travel independently using echolocation. He clicks his tongue, which sends out flashes of sound that bounce off objects, helping Dan to gain an understanding of the space around him. This has led Daniel to work as a mobility instructor around the world and lead hiking and mountain biking expeditions. through a series of talks and workshops, Daniel will be giving visually impaired young people and parents at LOOKFest an introduction to navigating using echolocation.

Daniel Kish leading a workshop out doors with young VI people and parents in Vancouver
Daniel Kish leading a workshop out doors with young VI people and parents in Switzerland.

What workshops will Daniel be running?

Daniel will be running mobility workshops, where you can learn the techniques Daniel uses to gain mastery over any environment. Daniel will also be running an early years session, talking about getting toddlers and young children moving and exploring early on. He will also be available to answer questions from parents and children.

Find out more about Dan’s work, in this brilliant Ted’s Talk he gave in 2015.

To meet Dan, and find out more about navigating with echolocation, book your LOOKFest tickets here.

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